Alfred Hablützel

Alfred Hablützel

1931born in Vaucresson near Paris
1938the Hablützel family moves to Zurich
1947he starts an apprenticeship as an upholsterer-decorator.
1951he studied under Willy Guhl, Hans Bellmann, Benedikt Rohner and Johannes Itten with his colleague Kurt Thut at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich.
1955begins collaboration with Téo Jacob as a conceptor, graphic artist and designer.
1958Founded the "Swiss Design" group with Robert Haussmann, Hans Eichenberger, Kurt Thut and Téo Jacob.
1963-66editor-in-chief of the magazine "Intérieur". He is the main initiator, mentor and propagator of Swiss design on an international level.
1966Founded the advertising agency Hablützel & Jaquet with a colleague.
1976marketing manager at Strässle
1979opens a new studio in Will for visual design, photography and communication for the design industry.
1981begins collaboration with Trix and Robert Haussmann for interior design.
1989Designed the "Suisse Mobilier" exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou.
1995worked with Studio Thomas Petraschke in Basel.

Furniture and furnishings

1957table lamp "The Line" swisslamps International Zurich
1958Poster "Neue Mettalmöbel" ZHdK
1971Poster "De Sede is Latin for sitting" Hablützel & Jaquet.

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Alfred Hablützel La Ligne
"La Ligne" table lamps

Iconic Swiss design lamps from the '50s. The lamp "La ligne" designed by the architect Alfred Hablützel in 1957,...