Bruno Rey

Bruno Rey

1935Born in Brugg
1957-60Studied interior design at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich (student of Willy Guhl)
1960-65Internship in architectural offices
1966Founder of the "Schweiz. Verband der Industrial Designers".
1968Opens his own architectural and industrial design studio, Baden

Furniture and furnishings

1970-84Several chair programmes for Dietiker + Co AG
1972Programme 33, stools, chairs, tables for Dietiker + Co AG

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Bruno Rey Flower pots
Flower pots

Emblematic flower pots, designed by Bruno Rey in 1950. Good original condition with patine of time, two flower p...

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Bruno Rey flower pot
Flower Pot

Very large and rare flowerpot in cement fiber designed by Bruno Rey around 1960 for the Eternit AG factory. Prod...