Hans Eichenberger

1926Born in Grosshöchstetten
1942-49Training as a cabinetmaker and designer
1950-51Internship in Paris at the Gascon, Guarriche and Mortier offices where he worked for the French ministry on emergency programmes to restore furniture to war victims
1951Opened his own interior design and furniture decoration studio in Bern
1955Participates in the creation of the Swiss Design group
1958Participates in the exhibition "Neue Mettalmöbel" at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Zurich
1959Freelance contributor to the architectural studio Atelier 5, Bern

Main designs

1953Omega HE107 table
1954Lamp Swiss 54
1955Chair HE103 (Saffa chairs) for Swiss Design
1959Elemental furniture HE153 for Swiss Design
1967Modular elements for Pago Kubus
1978Seat series HE1100 for the Strassle collection
1981Furnishing of the National Bank in Bern in collaboration with Atelier 5
1983Wogg case (for the Wogg collection)

On Sale

Hans Eichenberger Holzstuhl HE 3220
Holzstuhl HE 3220

Set of eight leather and lacquered wood chair, Bernese production VSSM. Designed by Hans Eichenberger in 1961. G...