Ueli and Susi Berger


1937Born in Bern
1960-61Interior design trainee with Hans Eichenberger
1961-71Federal scholarship for applied arts
1961-65Worked as an interior designer for several architects
1965-69Responsible for the design and development department of Tropsch in Bern
1967-68Scholarship for fine arts in the canton of Bern, several art projects in collaboration with his wife
1971Freelance artist and designer studio in Ersigen
1982Lecturer for plastic design at the ETH, Zurich


1938Born in Bern
1959-62Worked as a graphic designer at Sandmeier in Bern
1962Married Ueli Berger. Works as a freelance graphic designer. Collaboration with her husband on the design of public buildings
1977Self-made furniture with her husband

Furniture and furnishings

1961Storage furniture (Ueli B.)
1968Multi-Soft combination chair for Victoria Werke (Ueli B.)
1970Seat DS600 Organic for De Sede (Ueli B. and others). Wolkenlampe for J. Lüber (Ueli B.)
1979Corner window for Rötlisberger (Susi and Ueli B.)
1982Stacked mirrors for Rötlisberger (Susi and Ueli B.)

On Sale

Susi & Ueli Berger Wolkenlampe

Very rare lamp by the Swiss design couple Susi and Ueli Berger. Designed in the early '70s, produced only from 1...