Hans Coray

Hans Coray

1906Born in Wald
1929License and doctorate in letters
1932-38Studied graphology, astrology, psychology and philosophy of religion. Interested in contemporary art
1941Course in metalwork in Zurich
1950Worked as a designer

Main creations

1930First small chair models in wire and canvas
1939Chair for the National Exhibition, Zurich (Landistuhl)
1944Interchangeable frame
1944-46Creation and execution of numerous stands for the MUBA and fairs abroad
19504 prototypes of chairs in metal, steel, wood, aluminium: creation of tables and armchairs
1955-56Windows for Cilag and Rüegg

On Sale

Hans Coray Prototype chairs
Prototype chairs

Very rare armchairs designed by Hans Coray in 1960. According to the museum Für Gestaltung in Zurich, this chair...

Archive (not avalaible)

Hans Coray Garden chair
KIM Gartenstuhl

Garden chair...

Hans Coray chairs

Two ash stacking chairs, Wohnbedarf edition...